Welcome to the Summer 2007 issue of Full Tilt, "the Interview Issue."

In addition to the eight conversations on poetry, translation and the arts that you will find linked below, this issue of Full Tilt contains translations of contemporary tanka by the venerable Hiroaki Sato, prose poems by the overseas Chinese poet Shoo Tao, a vintage flash fiction by Korea's master of the short story Hwang Sun-wŏn, a gallery of images and audio recordings from China's burgeoning culture of performance poetry, graffiti art by Taiwan's controversial Bbrother, and a choice audioclip from Michael Berry's interview of Chinese auteur director Jia Zhangke. 

We hope you enjoy the issue and drop us a line if you do.

A Candid Conversation with John Nathan on His Career as a Translator, Scholar and Award-Winning Filmmaker
/ by Lily Wong more >>
A Life in Verse: An Interview with Hiroaki Sato on Poetry, Translation, and Singing for Supper in Two Languages
/ by Jeffrey Angles more >>
Howard Goldblatt on How the Navy Saved His Life and Why Literary Translation Matters
/ by Andrea Lingenfelter more >>
An Interview with John Crespi on Performance Poetry in China, with a Sampling of Live Recordings
/ by Zona Yi-Ping Tsou more >>
Is the Writing on the Wall for this East-Asian Graffiti Artist?
/ by Aeon Huang more >>
A Conversation with Michael Berry on Speaking with Images: Interviews with Contemporary Chinese Filmmakers, plus a clip from Berry's interview with Chinese auteur director Jia Zhangke (賈樟柯)
/ by Jerome Li more >>
Bruce Fulton on His Career as a Translator and the State of Korean Literature in English Translation, with fiction by Hwang Sun-wŏn (황순원)
/ by Steve Bradbury more >>
A Conversation with Shoo Tao (秀陶) on “Death and Beauty,” the Fall of Saigon, and Other Chapters from a Floating Life
/ by Steve Bradbury more >>